Delme Herriman is a mixed race man from the North West of England, who, despite an inauspicious start in life, achieved fame and prominence as a professional international basketball player.  He has written this autobiography with his sister, Kirstie Herriman,  as a thank you to his adoptive mother and stepfather and as encouragement to other …


Book Review: Meeting the Needs of Multiethnic & Multicultural Children in Schools

This book comes with a foreword from Maria P.P. Root whose work is familiar to many PIH members. In it she claims that the book ' delivers a road map pushing readers and educators to embark on a transformative journey rarely mapped in multicultural education and its training.' Whilst the book has a US slant, …

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From the Farm to the Melting Pot

Francis Wardle – a man who started out from a small enclosed homogeneous community and journeyed through a series of increasingly mixed cultures and races to a global kaleidoscope has a unique claim to personify change to date and to forecast what form future change will take

The Mixed MCs

If you wanna be an MC Chat some lyrics With the melody

CAST by Amaka Okafor

Cast me in your feature film Cast me in your play,         Cast me in your TV show     Cast me out of clay                                                                                                                                                                     

The Determination of Mary Seacole

This exhibition is now closed 2nd October – 31st December 2010   New Walk Museum and Art Gallery Leicester Mary Seacole, a woman of mixed race, was a pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War.

Mixed Race in Britain – Survey

A Survey of Peoples' Preferences for Terminology & Official Classifications Researchers at the University of Kent conducted a small-scale survey into the preferences of people who are mixed race for terminology and classifications on official forms where an ethnic monitoring question is asked.  

Hafu/Half Japanese

Hafu/ Half Japanese Natalie Maya Willer (Photographer) Marcia Yumi Lise (Researcher) Our shared interest in half Japanese identity inherently stems from our experience of being in between different cultures. Like many other half Japanese people we have been making an enquiry into our mixed cultural experience. This questioning of our own identity has its roots …

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Book Review: The Axe Laid To The Root – The Story of Robert Wedderburn

Robert Wedderburn was a writer, orator, publisher, agitator, and 'a notorious firebrand' of the 19th century who campaigned against slavery and for equality and justice for all. Born in Jamaica in 1762, to a black slave and her white Scottish owner, he was freed at birth as part of the sale of his mother. He …

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Book Review: Dyslexia from a Cultural Perspective

This is a well written and easy reading book, which I would highly recommend to parents, Senior Management Teams in all schools (with the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) being the obvious choice but NOT the only choice) and most importantly Local Governments where the ongoing battle for schools is to gain funding to support …

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