PIH Newsletter Summer 2018 Issue 65


PIH Newsletter Summer 2018 Issue 65


Cover image by Tenee Attoh




Issue 65 of 'Making Mixed Race Matter' is now available – join us to get your copy!

This issue is packed with interesting and thought-provoking articles, a list of resources, poetry, opportunities, events and more!

Features include:

"Mixed Race, Mixedness and Evolving Identities" by Mel Gabbi

"Breaking Stereotypes with Data" by Dinah Morley

"Bradley Lincoln – Mix-d Entrepreneur" by Michele Balach-Ali

Opportunities to Volunteer for PIH –  Communications,Events, IT, Web maintenance

"A Volunteer's View" by Leah Widdicombe

"Understanding Mixed Race" by Barbara Roymacauley

"Ethnic Minority" poetry by Lynsey Imbert

"MixedRaceFaces" a project for portraits and video clips of mixed race people

"Hello" from a new committee member Michelle Balach-Ali

"Mixed Race Cinemas" review by Cindy Matthews

A list of must-read mixed race general, academic and children's books




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