Research Participants Wanted



Would you like to participate in a study about African women raising children of mixed race / heritage in UK?



Who is eligible to take part?

African women born in Africa raising mixed race/heritage children of at least 10 to 17 years of age in the UK

African women who are either married or single, divorced or in a new relationship


What is this research about?

The purpose is to gather women’s stories to create an understanding of their experience in holding on to a sense of self, passing on identity to their children as well as holding on to cultural harmony with the father of the child/children

The findings of this research will contribute to literature on African Women’s experiences in the diaspora


What does this study involve?

Attending an interview which will last approximately one hour

A convenient date and time to meet will be agreed

Confidentiality and privacy will be guaranteed


If you are interested to take part in this study or you would like more information,

please contact Pauline Kahahu (SYSTEMIC Psychotherapist Trainee at the Tavistock)

at, mobile no 07414901588