Are you and your partner from different racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds? Would you be prepared to help other couples in ‘mixed’ relationships?


We are working on a research into practice project which translates research findings on ‘mixed’ couple relationships into useful on-line resources. This project joins family researchers (from University of Southampton, London South Bank University and University of Nottingham) and One Plus One, a voluntary agency concerned with couple and family relationship support.


We are also collaborating with three key voluntary organisations which offer support, information and advice for ‘mixed’ couples and their families: Intermix, Mix Together, People in Harmony


The on-line resources which we have developed for ‘mixed’ couples are presented on, an on-line relationship support service. These particular resources aim to:


Normalisemixedcouple relationships. That is to say thatmixedrelationships are like any

other relationship.

Raise awareness of some of the key issues that ‘mixed’ couples may face.

Signpost to further more specific support where required.


You can help us in two ways:




Many thanks.


Elaine Bauer (London South Bank University):

Cat Houlston (One Plus One):