A platform for mixed-race conversations
Website for mixed-race families, individuals, and anyone who feels they have a multiracial identiy
Association of Mixed Race Irish (AMRI)
AMRI was set up to positively promote and support Irish people of mixed race backgrounds and their families/relatives.
The Interfaith Marriage Network
Network of people in mixed marriages, interfaith, intercultural and international relationships that offers support and information for couples and families.
Inheritance Project A project to help people understand themselves and others, to bridge divides, build trust, and create communities of belonging.
Half and Half
Resource for children of Chinese seamen married to women from Liverpool and forced to leave the UK after the second world war.
Mixed Race Studies
DWIB Leukaemia Trust
Swirl aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural couples
An internationally distributed print and online magazine that celebrates the mixed race experience.
The Centre for the Study of Biracial Child
The Runnymede Trust
Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality think-tank. It aims to generate intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement.
Metis de France
French Mixed Race Association