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Writing about Ethnicity
GOV.UK writing about ethnicity, including words and phrases to avoid, and how ethnic minorities and different ethnic groups are described.
Mixed Race/Ethnicity data and the 2020/1 census needs
What kind of mixed race/ethnicity data is needed for the 2020/21 global population census round: the cases of the UK, USA, and Canada
Ethnic Options of Mixed Race People in Britain
A Report for UK Census Agencies on Preferences for Terminology and Classifications
The Growth of the Mixed Race Population
Will mixed race be the largest minority group by 2020? Not according to reliable data and projection figures…..
Mixed White and Black Caribbean
An ethnic group category first introduced in the UK for the 2001 census by the Office of National Statistics
Who am I? Mixed Race identity and schools: What we need to know
This research shows that being mixed-race in itself does not result in mental health difficulties, but it is how society and peers view that identity which may cause difficulties.
White British or Mixed Race?
A series exploring identity, culture and heritage as part of the University of Kent’s South Asian Week
Amina PagliariArtist
My body of work explores my mixed-raced identity depicting the inner tension between my two races (White and South Asian) as I have always struggled to identify with both sides
Mixed Messages
‘How do you define your race?’ Yasmine Akram
Images and interviews with mixed race people from around the world
Adopt the Halo Code
Building a future without hair discrimination, a resource for schools and workplaces
EQHR hair discrimination in schools
Britain’s equality watchdog’s action to prevent hair discrimination in schools
Poetic Unity
Giving a voice to young people to reach their potential and be safe, heard, empowered
The Mixed Museum
A digital museum and archive sharing and preserving the social history of racial mixing in the UK
A mixed race perspective and view of the mixed-race experience, highlighting relevant resources
Association of Mixed Race Irish (AMRI)
Positively promoting and supporting Irish people of mixed race backgrounds and their families/relatives.
Dragons and Lions
Stories of the wives and children who were left behind after the forced deportation of the Chinese Merchant Seaman in Liverpool just after WW2.
A no-holds-barred look at parenting mixed race or multiracial children.
Mixed Race Half British Chinese Identity
Moving to Hong Kong
Hafu/Half Japanese UK
A community of people living in the United Kingdom who identify as mixed-Japanese (such as 1/2 or 1/4 Japanese).
Mixed Race Hair UK
Shared experiences, tips and issues for mixed race hair
Mixed Race Family
A one-stop shop for all things related to mixed race parenting
Inheritance Project
A project to help people understand themselves and others, to bridge divides, build trust, and create communities of belonging.
Colours of Us
All about multicultural children’s books
Communities Empowerment Network (CEN)
CEN aims to support, advise, represent and reintegrate pupils excluded from school back into full-time, mainstream education (especially those experiencing discrimination) and to supports parents to play an empowered role for the successful education and progress of their children.
FYC was created in UK for all kinds of mixed textured hair, from wavier curls through to tighter coils
The Interfaith Marriage Network
Network of people in mixed marriages, interfaith, intercultural and international relationships that offers support and information for couples and families.
The Black, African & Asian Therapy Network
A community of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean heritage psychological therapists in UK. 
London Intercultural Couples Centre
Couples & families from different cultural backgrounds and navigating challenges they may face
Mixed Race Studies
A variety of resources on the mixed-race experience from scholarly perspectives.
DWIB Leukaemia Trust
The trust aims to increase awareness of leukaemia in Ghana and surrounding regions and to create access to effective diagnostic and treatment resources.
Mixed Race, and other papers of interest free to read or download
Swirl aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural couples
Music Football Fatherhood
Online resource for dads to talk listen and learn about all stages of parenting
The Runnymede Trust
Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality think-tank. It aims to generate intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement.
An internationally distributed print and online magazine that celebrates the mixed race experience.
The Centre for the Study of Biracial Child (CSBC)
CSBC provides advice and resources to parents of multiracial and multiethnic children, multiracial children and adults, and professionals dedicated to supporting, affirming and nurturing multiracial and multiethnic identities and diversity.
Metis de France
French non-profit association created in 2009 which engages with young people, professionals and parents through conferences, workshops and artistic projects about mixed-race identity and multi-culturalism.
Supporting Black and Mixed-Parentage families since 1980 in the Brighton area.
Mixed in Different Shades
Exploring the history of multiracial and multicultural people and communities worldwide.
Mix Peeps
A social media platform welcoming people of all races and ethnicities to share their experiences; it was built to provide multiracial and multi-ethnic people with a voice, celebrating diverse cultures and heritage from around the world.
Race Equality Foundation
Foundation established in 1987 promoting racial equality in social support and public services.
Rehab Recovery
The Risks of Substance Misuse Amongst the UK’s Foster Children
Project Race
Based in the U.S., advocating for multiracial children, adults and their families through education and community awareness and committed to the appropriate inclusion of multiracial people on any forms that require racial identification
Letterbox Library
Letterbox Library is committed to celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion in the very best children’s books.
The Reno Club
The excavation of a legendary, rocking, funk and soul, 1970s cellar club where mixed race couples met in Moss Side Manchester.
US Science Degrees Online Resource
Ensuring Libraries Are Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive