About Us: 1972 – 2024

People in Harmony is celebrating 52 years since it was established in 1972 to promote the positive experience of interracial life in Britain and to challenge the racism, prejudice and ignorance, experienced by mixed race people, families and couples.

Our members include people of different ethnic and cultural groups, mixed race people, families and couples and  adoptive and foster families. They are working together to ensure that all children can grow up in a society in which they feel they belong. Interracial living is a normal everyday experience for our members, but for some people it can lead to feelings of isolation and non-acceptance, by others, of their differences. Through mutual support members create opportunities to explore mixed race issues and to challenge racism. We encourage our children towards creative self definition and self expression through photography, literature, music and poetry. We organise annual conferences in London, offer information, support and advice, publish newsletters, magazines, papers, resources and information, maintain e-groups for members and committee.

Membership is nationwide and we are keen to recruit more members and volunteers, set up local support groups and develop a network of contacts with experience relevant to our aims.

This is how we make a difference through Education, Celebration, Stimulation and Support

People in Harmony acknowledge terms such as ‘race’, ‘racism’, ‘mixed race’ and ‘interracial’ have arisen out of specific social and economic circumstances. We therefore understand that such terms are rightly, subject for debate and invite comment from those involved.

Definitions of those terms:

Race refers to groups of people with specific and clearly identifiable common characteristics.
We believe that this view should be challenged as inaccurate and inadequate and that humans cannot, and should not, be classified into clear cut categories.

Mixed Race is a description of people or families whose origins are described as being from different races.

Interracial describes a mix of races or relationships between races.

Racism is the belief that discrimination against a person on the basis of race or ethnic grouping is justified.
When we speak about racism, we include not only the racist behaviour but also racist attitudes.