Mixed Race & Identity Formation

Identity Formation: The impact of well-being on mixed race people. This is an exciting new project by Kyle Collingwood that will be explored through a storytelling lens. The aims for the project are to explore vast experiences of growing up mixed race, both the struggles and the achievements particularly with themes around displacement, reaction from […]

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Research Study

Belonging and Identity: Understanding the Experience of Mixed Race People in England The focus for my study is the concept of belonging and identity in understanding the experiences of mixed race people in England. As someone of mixed race heritage, this research is something I am very passionate about and therefore am keen to hear

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Discrimination & Ethnicity – Applications for Roles

Proving discrimination is very difficult and often goes unoticed “Assessing the Impact of Declining to State One’s Ethnicity on an Application” by Joseph Venezi 2022 Discrimination exists in many different forms. If an employer knowingly or subconsciously rejects a candidate based on that candidate’s race or ethnicity, then that candidate was discriminated against. Proving such

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Mixed Race & NHS Maternity Systems Guidance

Parliamentary report calls out racism in maternity care The UK has one of the lowest maternal mortality ratios in the world. There are, however, glaring and persistent disparities in outcomes for women depending on their ethnicity. Maternal mortality for Black women is currently almost four times higher than for White women. Significant disparities also exist

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Race & Mixed Ethnicity Through Generations

Seeking Mixed-ethnicity parents & parent-to-be. Study Focus: As a person of mixed ethnicity and a parent of two mixed-ethnicity children, I am seeking participants who are also of mixed-ethnicity and parents or parents-to-be, to discuss ideas of self-identity, inherited identity and your views of race and racial identity through the generations. How can you help?

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Mixed Heritage in Scotland

“Suicide Cultures” is a research project exploring the diverse expressions and understandings of suicide across Scotland. You are invited to take part in a PhD research study by Emily Hue. Emily Hue’s PhD project is looking specifically at suicide among people with mixed heritage in Scotland. Research suggests that suicide rates are disproportionately high among

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Facial Emotion Recognition:

An International Test for Facial Emotion Recognition: Psychometric Properties and Normative Data. The ability to identify emotions from facial expressions is vital for social interactions. This ability is often impaired in several conditions, and is tested using tools which are not suitable for individuals who identify as mixed race. We developed a new tool that

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Mixed-Race & Belonging

“Understanding Mixed-Race, Ethnic Minority Young People’s Conceptualization of Belonging” Looking for Participants I am looking to interview mixed-race, ethnic-minority young British people about their conceptualization of belonging now and in childhood. Interviews will last about one hour! Eligibility Requirements: Ages 17-26 Living in the United Kingdom Identifies as mixed-race and non-white (e.g. Black Caribbean and

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