Mixed Race Author

Ray “BEN” Studevent, born to a White mother and Black father, and brought up by a Black mother. Ray spoke at our members’ December CHAT Zoom telling us about his life growing up as a mixed race young person in a black family and black neighbour hood with light skin and blue eyes. His book, […]

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Fostercare & Substance Misuse Risks

Substance misuse is a significant concern affecting vulnerable populations across the globe, including foster children who encounter unique challenges in this area. Substance Misuse Risks Among Foster Children: An Infographic Summary. This infographic, by Rehab Recovery, provides a concise overview of the risks associated with substance misuse among foster children, offering insights into the contributing

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Race & Mixed Ethnicity Through Generations

Seeking Mixed-ethnicity parents & parent-to-be. Study Focus: As a person of mixed ethnicity and a parent of two mixed-ethnicity children, I am seeking participants who are also of mixed-ethnicity and parents or parents-to-be, to discuss ideas of self-identity, inherited identity and your views of race and racial identity through the generations. How can you help?

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Mixed Heritage in Scotland

“Suicide Cultures” is a research project exploring the diverse expressions and understandings of suicide across Scotland. You are invited to take part in a PhD research study by Emily Hue. Emily Hue’s PhD project is looking specifically at suicide among people with mixed heritage in Scotland. Research suggests that suicide rates are disproportionately high among

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Facial Emotion Recognition:

An International Test for Facial Emotion Recognition: Psychometric Properties and Normative Data. The ability to identify emotions from facial expressions is vital for social interactions. This ability is often impaired in several conditions, and is tested using tools which are not suitable for individuals who identify as mixed race. We developed a new tool that

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Making New Connections

Losing a life-partner from an interracial marriage. There’s much that can change in the lives of those in mixed race relationships and interracial marriages. Friendships, Family Connections, Communities, and how people interact with one another. New relationships are formed, and some past relationships are lost. The shared experiences and history that bring a relationship closer

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PIH 50th Anniversary 2022

AGM / Event Saturday 15th October 2022 Online “Are you part of a multi-cultural family?” – Breaking down barriers and building “Harmony” Carol Kayira, a young white mother of mixed race children, struggled to find resources and information to meet the cultural and identity needs of her children whose father was Black African. Carol’s personal

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Parenting Mixed-Race Children

A Call for Participants: Experiences of parents with ‘mixed-race’ children, and their responsibilities towards engaging their child with their own ‘cultural heritage’. I am currently conducting research for a small research project about the experiences of parents with ‘mixed-race’ children regarding their responsibilities towards engaging their child with the cultures of both parents. I am

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