PIH 50th Anniversary 2022

“Are you part of a multi-cultural family?” – Breaking down barriers and building “Harmony” Carol Kayira, a young white mother of two mixed race children, struggled to find resources and information to meet the cultural and identity needs of her children whose father was Black African. Carol’s personal experience was that mixed race children are …

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Parenting Mixed-Race Children

A Call for Participants: Experiences of parents with ‘mixed-race’ children, and their responsibilities towards engaging their child with their own ‘cultural heritage’. I am currently conducting research for a small research project about the experiences of parents with ‘mixed-race’ children regarding their responsibilities towards engaging their child with the cultures of both parents. I am …

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Mixed Race Identity Experiences

‘Exploring the identity experiences of mixed race female university students’ is a research study by Saima Chadney. A Call for Participants – “Hey! my name is Saima and I’m looking for interview participants for my undergraduate research project titled ‘Exploring the identity experiences of mixed race female university students’. The interviews will be 1-1, conducted …

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Mixed Up in Love is a new report released from dating app Inner Circle, in collaboration with the authors of MIXED UP: Confessions of an Interracial Couple. The report takes a closer look at some of the challenges and themes behind British people’s behaviours when it comes to interracial dating and relationships and reveals half (49%) of Brits still fear …


Research: A Call for Participants

RESEARCH: A Call for MIXED-RACE Females to Participate. Hello, my name is Stephanie Richards. I am currently studying a Masters degree in Race, Education and Decolonial Thought at Leeds Beckett University. I am looking for candidates that are interested in participating in my research. My research topic area is Colourism and the exclusion of Black …

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Being Mixed Race

A People in Harmony Seminar, London UK. This annual event by the UK Mixed Race Charity, People in Harmony, was held at Bethnal Green, London in the Autumn of 2015. “Being Mixed Race: Stories & Experiences from Mixed Race People and Families” was the theme for the day with attendees meeting up from around the …

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Making Our Voices Heard

Our Lives. Our Blog. A platform where Mixed Race Britons are sharing their experiences and the different ways their lives are shaped by being mixed race CONTACT ————-

Growing up Mixed Race in the UK

‘In school I was always this bridge between ‘real Black people’ and white people‘ Ngaio Anyia is a musician, writer, inclusion consultant and force of nature. One of the people behind the Black Lives Matters march in Bristol, she has spent her life campaigning for inclusion. ‘As a mixed race person I didn’t know where …

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