Research Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the mental health of people of a multiracial background. The factors involved in assessing this demographic include struggles with identity, belongingness, concerns with physical appearance, others’ lack of knowledge, and a lack of community. This study is intended to supplement the existing literature and provide support for […]

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Making History Teachers.

MAKING HISTORY TEACHERS: The Role of Teacher Training and Teacher Education by Sundeep Lidher, Rashida Bibi, Claire Alexander KEY FINDINGS Racial and ethnic inequality in a time of crisis: curriculum and teacher education In 2020–21, the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) at the University of Manchester conducted empirical research on the impact of

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Discrimination & Ethnicity – Applications for Roles

Proving discrimination is very difficult and often goes unoticed “Assessing the Impact of Declining to State One’s Ethnicity on an Application” by Joseph Venezi 2022 Discrimination exists in many different forms. If an employer knowingly or subconsciously rejects a candidate based on that candidate’s race or ethnicity, then that candidate was discriminated against. Proving such

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Mixed Race Matters – December Chat Zoom

Join us for our next CHAT Zoom on Tuesday 5th December 2023 7:00 – 8:30pm. It’s less that 2 weeks to the next PIH members CHAT Zoom and we look forward to sharing and engaging in further discussions on mixed race matters. There are more Similarities than Differences between us – join in this month’s

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SUPPORTING MIXED RACE MATTERS 2023/4 Sharing and learning about mixed race matters – what’s changed and what still needs to change! Join a shared space with mixed race people, families and couples where you’ll be warmly welcomed and can exchange experiences and learnings. Submissions invited by 10th October 2023 for publication in print and online

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