Challenging Racism

'Every individual has a responsibility to challenge racism'  by Zita Holbourne.


Racism isn’t a myth, a figment of the imagination, a chip on the shoulder or over sensitivity.  Racism hurts, it damages, it destroys lives, stamps on opportunities, bars progress and blocks equality. It impacts on the welfare and prospects of whole generations of Black people. (I use the term ‘Black’ in this article in the political sense to encompass all those from the African and Asian Diasporas who have the potential to be discriminated against because of race or skin colour).


Those who believe that racism doesn’t exist should try walking in the shoes of those on the receiving end before they make such judgments.


Politicians, government and sections of the media would have us believe that we are living in a post-racial society where there is no longer a need for policies, laws and measures to tackle racism and inequality but the truth is that racism is increasing every day at a horrifying speed.



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Zita Holbourne is a trade union and community activist, poet, artist & anti-racist campaigner.