Mixed Race Project Survey

Participants needed for this new study exploring the identities and experiences of mixed heritage Britons to investigate further the various psychological benefits that being mixed has been found to have in American-based research.


The specific purpose of the survey is to test the reliability of the questionnaires used in American based studies  before using them in any later stages of our research project in which we will conduct more in-depth research on specific research questions.


The aim of the project is to investigate whether being mixed is of similar benefit to individuals in the UK, and, if not, why.




The project is funded by Coventry University, has been approved by the university’s ethics committee and is completely anonymous. Please also note that participants who do complete the survey have the option to win £10 Amazon voucher and can withdraw their data at any point without justification.


If you have any comments or queries about this survey contact:


Carola Leicht, PhD
Senior Research Assistant
tel +44 (0) 24 7765 5797