Exploring social factors that contribute to positive identity for adults with one Black parent and one White parent

If you are a mixed 'race' University student or have attended University in the past, please complete a questionnaire about your experiences growing up and your current views on mixed ‘race’ identity.


The questionnaire can be completed on-line at




The word ‘race’ is presented in single quote marks to indicate that, for the purpose of this study, ‘race’ is regarded as a social construction rather than as a scientific category or a biological reality. Although there is no one agreed term, the term “mixed ‘race’” is used, for the purpose of this research, to describe people who have one Black and one White parent.


The aim of the questionnaire is to better understand the social and personal experiences of mixed 'race' adults who are either current University students or have been University students in the past. This research an opportunity for anybody who is mixed 'race' and has ever been to University to share their own personal and unique experiences growing up as well as their current views as an adult.


Answers to questions can be provided mostly by tick box, multiple choice and yes/no responses. In addition, there are some open-ended questions where you are asked to say what you think in your own words. It should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire. There are no right or wrong answers. Just click on the web address and complete the questionnaire on-line. The reasons for asking adults to fill in this questionnaire is that there has been very little research done asking the views of 'mixed race' adults. The reason for mixed 'race' people who have ever been to University is to have a 'common denominator' in terms of the education of the people who fill in the questionnaire. Some of the areas covered in the questionnaire include family composition, where you grew up, experiences in education, how you think you are viewed in society, what factors have influenced your sense of identity, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with your identity.


Complete confidentiality is guaranteed. The questionnaire has received approval from London Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Applied Social Sciences Research Ethics Panel. No personal identifying information is requested in the questionnaire. After the questionnaire is completed it closes and responses will be collected without any information linking the person who completes the questionnaire to their responses responses.


If you know a mixed 'race' University student (or a mixed 'race' adult who has ever been admitted to University) who would like to complete this questionnaire, please forward the website for the questionnaire to them. Any mixed 'race' adult who is or has been a University student at any University is welcome to complete the questionnaire.


This survey is being carried out by Dr. Donna Dustin, an Honorary Research Fellow at London Metropolitan University, who can be contacted at drdonnadustin@gmail.com. If you have any questions or comments on the survey, please contact Donna at this email address.