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Interracial Couples BLM Experiences

‘How did interracial couples experience the anti-racist protests (BLM) in the UK from May to July 2020?’. Sara Wilcox, Family Therapist trainee. My name is Sarah Wilcox and I’m a Family Therapist trainee and a white woman in a mixed relationship. I’m researching the experiences of UK based intercultural/ interracial couples during the anti-racist protests …

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Mixed Race Identity Experiences

‘Exploring the identity experiences of mixed race female university students’ is a research study by Saima Chadney. A Call for Participants – “Hey! my name is Saima and I’m looking for interview participants for my undergraduate research project titled ‘Exploring the identity experiences of mixed race female university students’. The interviews will be 1-1, conducted …

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Mixed Race Voices & Narratives

MIXED RACE MATTERS and BLACK HISTORY MONTH Join our monthly CHAT ZOOM with exciting narratives and discussions 5th October 2021. Time: 07:00 – 08:30pm Venue: Online An Introduction to the evening by Dr Michelle Balach-Ali is at 7:00pm followed by Black History Month………… What about MIXED RACE? This CHAT ZOOM is open to all members …

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Mixed Race Families Study

Mixed Families in Contemporary Britain is a research study conducted by Alexandra Blair, a masters social work student, at Brunel University. The study focuses on White British and Black Nigerian Families. A Call for Participants – You are invited to take part in this research study that is exploring experiences of mixed families. It will …

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