A Call for Participants.

Hi, my name is Anoushka Nawaz-Khan. I am currently completing my final project for a Masters in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University.

For my project, I will be creating a digital magazine called Amalga-Mag, dedicated to sharing the stories and exploring the experiences of mixed people in the UK. For this, I need to gain an understanding of who my audience will be, and what they will be looking for in the content of this magazine. For the content, I will be writing 2 features, for which I need to speak to 3 different people for each, from a range of different mixed-heritage backgrounds. 

The first feature will revolve around how being mixed has influenced the food that we have eaten growing up in multiple cultures, and our attitudes to trying new cuisines and understanding the importance of food in all cultures.

The second feature will look at the problematic beauty standards of mixed people in modern culture, how we’re often fetishized and exoticised due to our proximity to whiteness, and being the ‘right’ kind of mixed (not too dark/ not too ambiguous etc).

If you feel you have experienced any of these situations, or feel you or anyone you know have stories to tell that could shed light on either two of these topics, please complete my survey HERE