Mixed Race Matters talk in Families

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Mixed Women Explain Why Talking About Race With Their Families Matters

In an article from UNBOTHERED UK, written by Aliyah Miller, four mixed race women talk about their different experiences and perspectives of being mixed.

Sami, 21, appreciates having two cultures in her life. Her father is Jewish and her mother Jamaican.

Alamay, 19, has a white British mother and an Ethiopian father and grew up proud of her dual heritage.

Angie, 26, had a white sister and found that when growing up she’d be treated differently by her mother’s side of the family.

Libby, 22, found there were gaps in her heritage due to apartheid. Her mother is mixed South African and her father Barbadian.

Chloe, 21, was brought up by her white mother and re-connected with her Jamaican father 2 years ago.

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