Race & Mixed Ethnicity Through Generations

Seeking Mixed-ethnicity parents & parent-to-be.

Study Focus:

As a person of mixed ethnicity and a parent of two mixed-ethnicity children, I am seeking participants who are also of mixed-ethnicity and parents or parents-to-be, to discuss ideas of self-identity, inherited identity and your views of race and racial identity through the generations.

How can you help?

The aim for my study is to understand how identify and sense of self evolves and is passed on to the next generation. As such I have some initial questions, that I would like to ask you; however, you would also be free to direct the conversation in any direction that suits you. I am happy to engage in any way that feels most comfortable for you, be that face to face, over zoom, or a phone call.

What will my information be used for?

This information is being used for a small-scale study; towards a MA in Race, Education and Decolonial Thought that I am undertaking through Leeds Beckett University.

Please contact: c.barnard2577@student.leedsbeckett.ac.uk for further information or if you would like to take part.