PIH Conference – Mixed Race Matters – Report

For Sale : A report on the Mixed Race Matters conference held by People in Harmony is available to buy from PIH. It includes transcripts of the speeches given, of the question and answer sessions, plus reports on the workshops. A brief report on the conference can be found here.

Mixed Race Matters

… debating current issues around mixed race

Conference Report by People in Harmony


    Oona King MP – DIVERSITY ‘We have to remember that there’s a range of experiences and voices, other than black and white which need to be heard’
    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown MBE – CURRENT ISSUES ‘…this country has amongst the highest rates of mixed race relationships in the western world’
    Charlie Owen Institute of Education – CENSUS ‘…the problem with having a mixed category is that it implies that there’s some sort of pure category, which is not mixed’
    Ilan Katz NSPCC – IDENTITY ‘…I question that anyone is in the position of being able to tell anybody what their positive identity should be’


* Personal Journeys* Mixed Race and Education* Mixed Race and Social Services


  • everyone involved and interested in mixed race issues
  • social and community care professional
  • education, youth and health service professionals

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