"MIXEDRACEFACES" aims to capture portraits & video clips of mixed race people telling their story, which will define each person individually. The outcome of this project will enlighten us of the changes in 2018 in comparison with 20 years ago. It will also look at the mixed-race perspective, how coming from a mixture of backgrounds influence how they navigate their every day lives.


The approach towards this project will be subjective, allowing each person to openly be truthful about ones own ideology without being lead. The images will be captured within their social surroundings keeping them as natural as possible.


We aim to capture over 500 + subjects with the objective to have an exhibition to demonstrate the diversity in numbers of mixed-race in 2018/20. There will also be a visual platform on instagram: mixed race faces with portraits and a short brief. Members of the instagram page will be able to share stories and communicate together.


Contact: mixedracefaces@gmail.com