People in Harmony (PIH) publish a newsletter for members and for distribution at events. The next issue is due out in Spring 2016 and we'd like to hear from you on themes of being mixed race, in a mixed race relationship and mixed race families.



What kinds of submissions are considered for publishing?                              

The following are kinds of submissions to the newsletter that could be included:

  • Research

  • Poems

  • Personal stories

  • Articles

  • Short essays

  • Letters about a PIH event that you have attended or general comments on mixed race related issues

  • Reviews of books, films, documentaries relevant to the themes stated above

  • News: events, courses, workshops, lectures that will be running at the time of printing the newsletter

  • Photos


Information required alongside the submission

  • Full name of author.

  • Date of submission

  • Full names of organisations included in the submission.

  • If there are images relevant to the submission, please provide them at the same time as sending the piece. Provide as much detail as possible about the image, such as who is in it (full name and relation to the author), place, and date the image was taken. The images may or may not be included in the newsletter. This is up to the discretion of PIH.

  • If you do not want the image to be used for other purposes than the newsletter, please state this explicitly in your communication with PIH.


Copy date

12th December 2015


Where will the submission be used?

PIH might wish to publish a submission in other media than the newsletter. For example, it might be used as a feature on the charity's website. It might also be printed as a separate document and handed out at events. if you have stated it is not be used in media other than the newsletter that will be respected.



Occasionally the submission may need editing, for example if the word count is too high. In the first instance PIH will ask if you want to edit the submission, or whether you want PIH to edit it and send it to you for your approval. The article will be edited for spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Mixed race terminology

PIH acknowledge that terminology used is a personal choice and different terminology may be used by different people. Therefore any terminology you use as a personal choice in your submission will be respected providing it is not used for derogatory purposes.


When will the submission be published?

When the submission will be published depends on how many submissions PIH receives for each newsletter. If there are too many for one edition we will aim to use it in the next edition.

PIH reserves the right to not include submissions that are considered inappropriate.


Contact Us with Submissions and Queries

Please state:  Newsletter submission

Contact Us for a copy of  Newsletter Issue 60, Summer 2015