Mixed Terminolgy: The views of mixed race people

Title of the research

Mixed Terminology: The views of mixed race people.


Who is undertaking the research?

This study is being done by Hannah Pomell who is currently undertaking a Masters in Social Work at the University of Birmingham.


Why should you take part?

It is important to find out how mixed race people feel about terminology and get first-hand knowledge of what mixed race people want to be called. This is an opportunity for your voice and opinions to be heard.


What the research is about

This research is about establishing what terms mixed race people use

to identify their ethnic background and to  explore how mixed race people

feel about a lack of consistent terminology.


This research is an opportunity for mixed race individuals to share their experiences

and to discuss their viewsand opinions surrounding terminologies they feel are

appropriate and can identify  with compared to those they find derogatory.


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