Mixed Race Voices & Narratives

Join our monthly CHAT ZOOM with exciting narratives and discussions 7th September 2021.

Time: 07:00 – 08:30pm Venue: Online

An Introduction to the evening by Dr Michelle Balach-Ali is at 7:00pm followed by

Mixed Race Experiences & Life Outcomes – The Justice System…

Our September CHAT ZOOM revolves around the possible experiences of people who enter the UK judicial system.

This month we have two experts who work within the Justice System, Katherine Williams and Rachel Mackenzie, and who both have decades of professional and personal experience of mixed race life to bring to this meeting.

They are both Equality & Diversity Managers, currently working to deal with systemic racism, amongst the other gaps related to diversity in the workplace. They are delighted to share with us the workings of the institution and how they are assisting the Probation Service’s aims to deal with inequality for their staff and service users.

Whilst many of us will thankfully never know what it is like to be stop and searched regularly, arrested or sentenced to serve a term in prison, we may know someone who has touched base with the law, been the victim crime or been subject to a miscarriage of justice. Some of us might merely want to join the discussion to explore a taboo subject that we are glad we have never fallen privy to, but are interested in learning more about.

This is open to members subscribing to PIH, both new and current! Bring your thoughts and ideas to discuss and expand our work to support, promote and educate Mixed Race Matters

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