Research: Mixed Race Couples and Families


"Does living in a ‘mixed’ couple/family affect members’ everyday lives ?" 


My name is Elena Zambelli, and I am a postdoctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (this is me: I am working on a research project which explores if and how living in a ‘mixed’ couple/family affects its members’ everyday life in different domains (e.g. education, work, mobility, safety).


To this purpose I am doing face-to-face interviews with people who currently live or have long lived in 'mixed' couples/families. The interview is open-ended, and it normally lasts 1-2 hours max. It would be audio-recorded only. Your personal details will  be carefully anonymised, and you will receive from me the transcript of the interview to verify that


The research has been ethically cleared by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (which is the university that employs me) and by the European Research Council (which funds the research), and  more information on the overall research project is  available at this website:


If you are interested in knowing more and perhaps in participating in the research, please write me an email: and I will come back to you promptly. Meanwhile, thanks a lot in advance for your attention. 
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Please respond by 15th May 2019