Aims & Objectives

Making Mixed Race Matter


1.  Raising awareness of mixed race issues
2.  Supporting mixed race people and families


1a.   To recognise and understand the issues faced by mixed race people and families in Britain, including issues of prejudice, discrimination, isolation and identity.
1b.  To consider how the political, societal and economic environment affects the lives of mixed race people and families in Britain.
1c.  To effectively promote mixed race issues to central government, local government, cultural leaders, community groups and the wider community.

2a.  To develop strategies that empower mixed race people and families to challenge issues of prejudice  and discrimination
2b. To create support networks for mixed race people and families affected by isolation or who have concerns about identity
2c.  To effectively engage with other organisations and public services that can support mixed race people and familes in Britain

People in Harmony acknowledge terms such as ‘race’, ‘racism’, ‘mixed race’ and ‘interracial’ have arisen out of specific social and economic circumstances. We therefore understand that such terms are rightly, subject for debate and invite comment from those involved.

Definitions of those terms:

refers to groups of people with specific and clearly identifiable common characteristics. We believe that this view should be challenged as inaccurate and inadequate and that humans cannot, and should not, be classified into clear cut categories.
‘Mixed Race’
a description of people or families whose origins are described as being from different ‘races’.
describes a mix of ‘races’ or relationships between ‘races’.
the belief that discrimination against a person on the basis of race or ethnic grouping is justified. When we speak about racism, we include not only the racist behaviour but also racist attitudes

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