The ethnic options of ‘Mixed Race’ people in Britain

Aspinall Peter (et al) 2008 The ethnic options of 'mixed race' people in Britain: Full Research Report The UK population is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, religion and national identity, with the growing number of inter-ethnic unions contributing significantly to this.  There has been a parallel development of interest in the notion …

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Disproportionality in Child Welfare

The Prevalence of Black and Minority Ethnic Children within the 'Looked After' and 'Children in Need' Populations and on Child Protection Registers in England. Charlie Owen and June Statham


Experiences of Growing up in Visibly Different Households

This research project is funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council, and being conducted at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. The research explores the link between three sets of childhood experiences and adult identities (i) experiences of serial migration from the Caribbean; (ii) experiences of growing up …

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Pass-It-On Parenting

How do parents of different backgrounds bring their children up to have a sense of who they are? We are looking for parents who are from different racial, ethnic or faith backgrounds, to take part in a research project about what is important to them in bringing up their children.


Mixed Race in Britain – survey report

A Survey of Peoples' Preferences for Terminology & Official Classifications Researchers at the University of Kent conducted a small-scale survey into the preferences of people who are mixed race for terminology and classifications on official forms where an ethnic monitoring question is asked.  

Research into Mixed Race and Education

Research into the educational needs of mixed heritage pupils carried out by L.Tikly, C.Caballero, J.Haynes, and J.Hill of Bristol University was presented by Chamion Caballero at our 2005 AGM. In March 2003 the researchers, in collaboration with Birmingham Education Authority, interviewed pupils, parents and staff in ten schools as well as Ethnic Minority Achievement Service …

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