Strength of our Mothers

Participants and volunteers needed for this research to document the lives of 24 white women based in Greater Manchester who were in interracial relationships with Africans

Interracial Realationships: the post-apartheid generation

I was born in Zimbabwe in 1997 to my parents Jörg and Janet. My father, who is Swiss, worked in a missionary hospital in Zimbabwe as a doctor and that is where he met my mother, a Zimbabwean nurse. My background helped to formulate the question for my research.

Call for Interviewees

Are you the daughter or son of a black GI and a British woman born during or soon after the Second World War? I am an historian at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, writing a book about the war children of black GIs and British women.

Social Experiences of Bi-racial people

Multiracial and Multicultural Populations have grown tremendously in recent years, yet their unique social experiences remain understudied. The present study is being conducted by Analia Albuja

The Making of Mixed Ethnicities 1945-2011

Do you have Mixed White and Black Caribbean heritage? Did you grow up in Birmingham? If yes, would you like to take  part in an interview for a University of Manchester PhD project exploring the experiences of mixed race people?


LONE MOTHERS OF CHILDREN FROM MIXED RACIAL AND ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. A research project to listen to the views of single mothers with children from different racial or ethnic backgrounds.