Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report

Does the The Report deliver what it was set up to do?

Northern Notes – “What is the Race Disparity Unity’s 2021 Race report really aimed at?”
“It lacks accuracy. coherence, credibility, it is disarming and designed to attract attention away from attempts to deal with racial disparities and racism collectively.” Dr. Ipek Demir. Associate Professor in Sociology and Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism, University of Leeds, analyses the UK government’s much criticised report on the racial disparities in the UK. Blog 21st April 2021

Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity – Response to the Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report 2021
“The Sewell Report’s denial of the significance of structural racial and ethnic inequalities is particularly unsettling in the context of the current pandemic.”
CODE projects investigate ethnic inequalities in health, culture, employment and education.

NewStatesman -16 of the race reports recommendations have been made before.
“More than half of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report’s recommendations are similar to those made before. While they may differ in detail, they echo those made in 14 previous reviews into racial discrimination and inequality since 1999.” by Anoosh Chakelian 7th April 2021

Runnymede Trust – Sewell Reports: Runnymede Responds
“While we note your apparently equivocal response to Dr Sewell’s findings, to be absolutely clear, the record shows that evidence of structural and institutional racism was provided to the Commission by organisations across civil society”

Equality and Human Rights Commission – Race Report: Healing a Divided Britain
“Equality and Human Rights Commission report on the need for a comprehensive race equality strategy.”

BBC News – Race report: What are the key points?
“When the death of George Floyd in the US inspired protests about racial injustice across the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set up the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities to examine inequality in the UK. Now its 258-page report covering health, education, criminal justice and employment has been published. But what does it say?”

Evening Standard – Government’s Race Report was ‘rewritten’ by Downing Street officials, experts claim.
“Kunle Olulode, an anti-racism activist and director of the charity Voice4Change, said: “The report does not give enough to show its understanding of institutional or structural discrimination,” he said. “The report gives no clear direction on what expectations of the role of public institutions and political leadership should be in tackling race and ethnic disparities. What is the role of the state in this?”
“One anonymous commissioner accused the government of “bending” the work of its commission to fit “a more palatable” political narrative.
“The idea that this report was all our own work is full of holes,” they claimed.
“You can see that in the inconsistency of the ideas and data it presents and the conclusions it makes. That end product is the work of very different views.”