New Creatives – Where are you from

Sophie Gresswell’s film addresses the struggle to answer the inevitable question: ‘Where are you from?’ when you’re not quite sure. A young woman of mixed heritage searches for an answer by looking back over three generations of her family. Documents, family stories and of course the British staple of tea and biscuits help her figure out a way to reply. 

A personal look at questions of identity, at a time where migration, political isolation and reclaiming history are hot topics. Is it important to look to your own past in order to better respond to wider issues present today? 

New Creatives is supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts. 

Narrator/Writer: Sophie Gresswell Producer/Director: Lawrence Essex Editor: William Long Director of Photography: Daniel Tempel-Merzougui

BBC iPlayer – New Creatives – Where Are You From?
A woman of mixed heritage struggles to answer the question: Where are you from?