Sickle Cell Research Study needs Mixed Race People

Research Study

  'Involving Fathers in Ante-Natal Screening for Sickle Cell Disorders: Improving Informed Decision Making'.


The Sickle Cell Society and the University of York are looking for people in London to participate in a National Institute For Health Research-Research for Patient Benefit study, 'Involving Fathers in AnteNatal Screening for Sickle Cell Disorders: Improving Informed Decision Making'. Two of the focus group discussions we are holding will be specifically for people of mixed race. If you are a man or woman between 18-40, in a relationship (or married) and have not had children but planning to, we would like to invite you to participate in a discussion to improve services. We provide refreshments pay each participant 30 pounds and (bus or underground) transport costs. There is one group for women and one for men. They will be held at the end of August or early September on a Saturday.


We will also be organising individual interviews in August and September with fathers who have had a child and experienced ante-natal care in the last 3 years. We are particularly interested in hearing the experiences of fathers whose partners are sickle cell carriers or who themselves are carriers of the sickle cell gene. Individuals participating in interviews will also be re-imbursed.


If you would like to participate please contact Iyamide Thomas who will be happy to send you more information about the study:



Sickle Cell Society

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Iyamide Thomas (Ms)   

Regional Care Advisor- London South

Sickle Cell Society

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