PIH Mixed and Mixedness in Britain

"Mixed and Mixedness in Britain: What has changed over the years 1972-2012"


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2012 is the fortieth anniversary of People in Harmony, a presence in this country equivalent to almost two generations. Much has changed over the course of these four decades.


The racial/ethnic composition of Britain has been transformed. Population mixing and the formation of inter-racial/ethnic unions have increased significantly and a new ‘conviviality’ witnessed across the country’s various communities of descent in our metropolitan centres and cities. Britain now has a large and rapidly growing ‘mixed’ population, currently estimated at around one million persons. Around 7 out of 8 of this population had not been born in the year PIH was founded.


Excerpt from:  People in Harmony 40th Anniversary Brochure

                         24pp  Published July 2012 

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