‘Awakening’ – A Poem

‘Euanca’, published by Empress Royale in 2021, is a book of poetry from new author, E. A. Clarke-Akallanne.


By E. A, Clarke-Akallanne 2021

Her hair grew in spirals, but she did not know it,

Because from childhood it was straightened every little bit.

This was first done with a metal comb heated on hot coals,

and moisturized with Vaseline oils.

Later electric combs were introduced.

This comb,



or high heat


The girl dreaded the sessions of hair dressing,

Because of the risks of her scalp or ears burning.

Sometimes the dresser remembered a wrong she’d done,

and would take the opportunity to give her a burn,

reminding her of the peccadillo she had done.

The treated hair was glossy, black and straight,

but the girl had to avoid,

swimming in the lake,

because the hair would revert to spiral coils again.

Later in her life, chemical straighteners came in,

these were easy to apply and better than hot combing,

 Because straightened hair did not

re-curl after swimming,

and she didn’t need an umbrella when it was raining.

The girl now a woman, wears her hair natural,

she knows the benefits of the coil and spiral,

It’s nature’s way to keep the head cool in hot climes,

There is no need to straighten the hair at all,

Because there is fashion in the spiral and coil.

The hair could be worn in cane rows, twists or curls,

  clean shaven, threaded or in locks,

Now, many pounds and pence the woman is saving,

in hairdresser fees and boutique charging.

Plus, no damaged scalp or hair from chemical straightening.

@Clarke-Akallanne E.A.2021