Mixed Race Relationships in England

Experiences and Social Perceptions of Black/White Relationships in England 1960-1990.
A Call for Participants

I am in the process of writing an undergraduate dissertation about the lived experiences and social perceptions of black/white mixed ethnicity relationships in Britain in the period 1960-90 for my History BA at the University of Manchester.

The research is aiming to highlight how, often, there was a disparity between popular attitudes towards these relationships and the actual experiences of those within them whilst also demonstrating how society’s responses to intimate relationships, ultimately, affected everyday life for ‘mixed race’ couples. 

I am looking for people who would be willing to participate in a Zoom interview about their experiences of being in this type of relationship during the time frame stated. The interview would be around half an hour long and the questions would be provided to you beforehand so that you can see whether or not it would be something you are interested in participating in.

If you would like to find out more information on the research or the specifics of what you would be asked to do, please contact me via my email myah.charles@student.manchester.ac.uk.

Thank you very much for reading.

Myah Charles