“CURLY KYLA” by Sophia Mayers

BOOK REVIEW by Cindy Matthews, PIH 2020.

“Curly Kyla” is a children’s book about a little girl called Kyla who has brown curly hair which she doesn’t like.   It is a sweet little story about difference – in this case with the focus on hair.  Kyla has a crisis of confidence because her hair is different and, as she sees it, a problem for her, so much so that she is convinced she won’t do well in a dance audition because her hair won’t go into a neat, smooth bun.  

In the story Kyla confides in her mother who encourages her and Kyla then goes to see the teacher and explains her feelings and is reassured and later given the leading dancer role.

The book’s author, Sophia Mayers, has her own salon and has a background in teaching about hair care.  She says she wrote the book because she was concerned that so many little girls came to her salon saying they didn’t like their hair.   She wanted them to feel happy with how they looked.  In my view, the book also gives guidance to parents in how to respond to their children’s questions or expressions of unhappiness about their appearance.   The book is beautifully illustrated by Bryony Dick.

Whether having different hair texture is still a big issue for little girls may depend on where they live, but this book is still a helpful part of a mixed family’s armoury and hence very useful for People in Harmony members with young children

“Curly Kyla” by Sophia Mayers, illustrated by Bryony Dick. Published by Conscious Dreams Publishing UK 2020. ISBN: 978-1-913674-10-6