RESEARCH: A call for MIXED-RACE people to participate

Hey! My name is Sara and I am a final year Psychology with Sociology student at Edinburgh Napier who needs participants for my study.

I am looking into what affects racial identity in mixed-race individuals. This is something that I am personally interested in due to being mixed-race myself and facing similar questions of identity growing up in two different cultures. 

Requirements to participate is simple:  

  • 18+ in age 
  • Identify as mixed-race 
  • Lived in the UK for 5+ years 
  • Considerably fluent in English. 

I’ll be doing interviews either via videocall or phone call (your choice). The interviews will be a one-time occurrence and should take around 45 minutes to complete.  

If you know anyone that is mixed-race and would be interested in taking part, please share this post or email me directly at 40318765@live.napier.ac.uk 


          Sara 😊