Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference June 2011

6th Critical Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference  7th & 8th June 2011 at the University of Toronto


Day 1: Metissage, Mestizaje, Mixed "Race", and Beyond

Day 2: Race, Culture, and Mental Health


Five Keynote Presentations


Identity – Racial, Cultural, Ethnic……

Suman Fernando, University of Kent UK

Recipient of the 2011 OISE/University of Toronto Lifetime Achievement Award  in Multicultural and Diversity Counselling

  Biography and Abstract (pdf)


Contemporary Multiple Heritage Couples, Individuals, and Families: A Generation with Diverse Views and Varied Experiences

Mark Kenney, Chestnut Hill College, USA
Kelley Kenney, Kutztown University, USA

Biography and Abstract (pdf)


To be Indivisibly Indigenous: the Choices of Mixed-Blood Native People

Bonita Lawrence, York University
Toronto, Ontario

Biography and Abstract (pdf)


Homogamy Outlaws? Interracial Couples' Dominant and Subordinate Discourses in Response to Racism and Partner Differences

Kyle D. Killian, York University
  Toronto, Ontario

Biography and Abstract (pdf)


Negotiating Mixedness in the Danish Context of 'Homogeneity':  
Intermarried Couples, Children of Mixed Parentage & Psychosocial Well Being

Rashmi Singla, Roskilde University,

Biography and Abstract (pdf)


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