Tomorrow’s Children

This book is a guide to raising multiracial children with a positive attitude towards their identity. It stresses the importance of embracing and understanding all aspects of a child’s heritage and is aimed at parents. Francis Wardle draws on his considerable experience positively towards every aspect of their descent and not to identify exclusively with any one group. This is backed up by a number of practical ways parents and teachers can support biracial children towards this goal.

In Chapter 1, Wardle discusses child identity development and the stages at which biracial children ask questions about their identity – who they are and what group they belong to. He also explores a number of environmental factors which influence this development. There is a table with the child’s age along one axis and identity issues along the top. Parents can see the issues they are likely to be facing at each developmental stage and how to approach them.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to practical advice – the need for open discussion; multicultural resources (books, dolls, toys); hair and skin care; choice of neighbourhood; dealing with school and other professionals.

There is also a section on the special issues surrounding adopted multiracial children. It is aimed mainly at white adoptive parents and points out the fallacy of current opposition to this: “Technically a biracial child adopted by a white family is no more a transracial adoption than a biracial child adopted by a black family.”

This book promotes awareness and support for multiracial families and children, Dr Wardle has produced a positive, helpful and much needed guide.

Title: Tomorrow's Children
Author(s): Francis Wardle
Price: 14.49 uk pounds inc p&p
ISBN: 0966909410
Published Date: January 1999
Other: 145pp p/b

Publisher: Center for the Study of Biracial Children