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The Hafu Project

The Hafu Project We would like to invite you to The Hafu Project's first exhibition in Japan!   The Hafu Project is a visual and sociological study & representation of the so-called “hafu”s. The work provides an unfolding journey of discovery into the intricacies of what it is to be a hafu in modern day …

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My name is Ramon

My name is Ramon Mohamed son of Amir Mohamed and Mary Watts. My father, a practising Muslim and Pushtoon from the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan (NWFP), arrived in Sheffield in the 1950’s as part of the first wave of colonial immigrants invited by the British Government to work in the steel industry. My …

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PIH Joint Statement: Mixed Race Organisations in the UK 2008 Report

Following on from discussions at our AGM 2008 where it was decided that we would invite mixed race groups to collaborate with us and produce a Joint Statement setting out objectives to provide a stronger and more representative voice for members, a meeting with the Children's Commission was arranged for 31st March 2009.

Placement Matching

Placement policy: ‘Does Section 22 (5) (c) of the Children Act 1989’ act on the ‘best interest’ of the dual heritage young person or child? When considering placements for all children and young people, Section 22 (5) (c) of the Children Act 1989 stresses the importance of considering their religion, race, language and cultural background. …

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Experiences of Growing up in Visibly Different Households

This research project is funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council, and being conducted at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. The research explores the link between three sets of childhood experiences and adult identities (i) experiences of serial migration from the Caribbean; (ii) experiences of growing up …

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