Transracial Adoption: What’s The Problem?

'The insistence on a policy by social workers of same race placements has meant that black and mixed race children wait longer for families and race is treated as the overriding aspect and the major matching consideration'                                                                         

PIH Newsletter Spring 2012

"….. information such as ethnicity, sex and age took precedence over any other sources of information when foster placements and children were matched"….. What information is needed to match children and families? Read 'Mixed Heritage and Proud' by Sarah Bennett in People in Harmony Newsletter Spring 2012….

The Growth of the ‘Mixed Race’ Population

Will mixed race be the largest minority group by 2020? Not according to reliable data and projection figures…. "The Growth of the 'Mixed Race' Population" Peter Aspinall, Reader in Population Health, University of Kent. Published by People Harmony, 2010                                                                   

The Determination of Mary Seacole

An exhibition that looks at the life of Mary Seacole, pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War, opened in Leicester on October 2nd 2010  

Placement Matching

Placement policy: ‘Does Section 22 (5) (c) of the Children Act 1989’ act on the ‘best interest’ of the dual heritage young person or child? When considering placements for all children and young people, Section 22 (5) (c) of the Children Act 1989 stresses the importance of considering their religion, race, language and cultural background. …

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Press Release: Wider Consultation Needed For Mixed Race

September 2004 Mixed race children have been over represented in the public care system for too long and now a new report shows that mixed race children are also much more likely to be excluded from school and to be considered as problems. The report 'Understanding the Educational Needs of Mixed Heritage Children' recommends that …

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