Stop and think

Stop and think: a critical review of the use of stop and search powers in England and Wales. The Equality and Human Rights Commission published this report in March 2010.

Influencing Delivery of Public Services

‘One of our main objectives is to influence and improve ways in which public services such as education, health, social care  and criminal justice are delivered to the mixed race population though discussion and debate, research, campaigns and the arts’

Mixed Race Couples and Families

'People in Harmony (PIH) was established in 1972 as a support group for families at a time  when the disadvantages of racial mixing were emphasised in the wider society'.                                                          

Updating Guidance on Adoption

"Although the law and guidance is clear that due consideration needs to be given to language, religion, culture and ethnicity, this isn't translating into practice. It is much better that a child is adopted by loving parents than left waiting for their future to be decided" says Children's minister Tim Loughton  

DfES Report Recommends Wider Consultation with People in Harmony

'Mixed race children have been over represented in the public care system for too long and a report shows that mixed race children are also much more likely to be excluded from school and to be considered as problems'                                                                     

Transracial Adoption: What’s The Problem?

'The insistence on a policy by social workers of same race placements has meant that black and mixed race children wait longer for families and race is treated as the overriding aspect and the major matching consideration'                                                                         

PIH Newsletter Spring 2012

"….. information such as ethnicity, sex and age took precedence over any other sources of information when foster placements and children were matched"….. What information is needed to match children and families? Read 'Mixed Heritage and Proud' by Sarah Bennett in People in Harmony Newsletter Spring 2012….