Your views – a call for participants

Your views – a call for mixed race people and families. Our mixed race community has experiences of racism in terms of community and public services ie police, education, housing, health and employment in the UK that give valuable insights

Kageha’s Story

This summer I went back to my country of birth after a gap of nineteen years. I had not seen my birth father, Matayo or his 12 children for a long time. .

PIH Volunteer Opportunities

People in Harmony is expanding its volunteer team and recruiting people to work with the current volunteers and trustees. Much of the work can be carried out using Email, Skype and Phone calls,


MIXED RACE CINEMAS: multiracial dynamics in America and France by Zelie Asava, author, has shown the way two countries histories have led to different racial differences which have been reflected in the films that each country has produced.