Making New Connections

Losing a life-partner from an interracial marriage.

There’s much that can change in the lives of those in mixed race relationships and interracial marriages. Friendships, Family Connections, Communities, and how people interact with one another. New relationships are formed, and some past relationships are lost.

The shared experiences and history that bring a relationship closer can leave a different level of loss when a partner passes.

Margaret, who lives in West Yorkshire, has recently retired from her job in Further Education. She shared her loss with us and would like to connect with others in similar circumstances.

“I would like to congratulate People in Harmony on 50 years of Making Mixed Race Matter.” 

“Over the course of these years, it occurs to me that members or others interested in your organisation may have lost a life-partner.  My husband passed away in December 2021 and I miss him more than words can express.  We were an interracial couple: he was Black Caribbean, and I am a white Englishwoman.  We were married for 47 years.”

“I wondered whether it might be possible to connect with other people in similar circumstances.  While I would like to receive support through connection with others — male or female — who have been a partner in a mixed race marriage / relationship, I too may have something to offer by way of support and understanding for someone widowed like myself.” Thank you. Margaret

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