Not looking like your parents

As a society we are increasingly mixed, and the mixed-race group is growing proportionately faster than any other. Many children now have a grandparent who is of a skin colour that does not reflect their own or their parents’

Ella and the Knot Fairies

Ella and the Knot Fairies by Amanda Baker. "a charming little book and perfect for mixed-race families where the children question why their hair is not the same as their parents, or their siblings" 

Full Circle

“In less than one week, I return for another look, not knowing what I am seeking or what I should look for. In less than three weeks  my fourth child is born. So why go? Why now? This is not how it was planned." 

‘Our Story’

My husband, Ossie, and I met forty years ago on 21st July 1972. Our forty-year journey, however, didn't get off to an easy start!

Mixed Heritage and Proud

MIXED HERITAGE & PROUD – Personal and Professional Reflections by Sarah Kate Bennett. Growing up there were two songs that I have never forgotten. The first, ‘there ain’t no black in the union jack’ and the second ‘brown girl in the ring’.


Delme Herriman is a mixed race man from the North West of England, who, despite an inauspicious start in life, achieved fame and prominence as a professional international basketball player.  He has written this autobiography with his sister, Kirstie Herriman,  as a thank you to his adoptive mother and stepfather and as encouragement to other …


Book Review: Meeting the Needs of Multiethnic & Multicultural Children in Schools

This book comes with a foreword from Maria P.P. Root whose work is familiar to many PIH members. In it she claims that the book ' delivers a road map pushing readers and educators to embark on a transformative journey rarely mapped in multicultural education and its training.' Whilst the book has a US slant, …

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From the Farm to the Melting Pot

Francis Wardle – a man who started out from a small enclosed homogeneous community and journeyed through a series of increasingly mixed cultures and races to a global kaleidoscope has a unique claim to personify change to date and to forecast what form future change will take