Time to Choose The Right Box

It is almost time to decide whether we like the idea that mixed race is another race or whether we want to dispute the insertion of a mixed race category on the census form. I think we have probably all run through the arguments about the 'other' category on equal opportunities monitoring forms. Let's face …

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My Journey ‘Home’

'I stand alone in the evening shadows atop a hill overlooking downtown Amman. From this vantage point I see a skyline pitted with the green neon light of mosques whilst from the busy streets below rise the sounds of an Arab city on the move. Then I sense a lull in this stream of sounds …

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The Colour of My Skin

I'm not black and I'm not white, I'm my own colour and that's alright.

Challenging the Concept of Race

  I have noticed that few people mention their great-grandparents birthplace when introducing themselves. Personally, I have found it the quickest way to satisfy other people's curiosity. At different times in my life I have reacted to this curiosity with feelings of insecurity, embarrassment, indignation or amusement. I think this variety of feelings came from …

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