Raiding the Gene Pool

Book Review : Raiding the Gene Pool

I can't review this book without telling you that I've been excited about it since it was a mere twinkle in Jill Olumide's eye. It's only fair to declare my interest right from the start.

Book Review : Remember Me

At last! A book that applauds the history and achievements of mixed race people. Remember Me, by Asher and Martin Hoyles, sets out to show how mixed race people have made and continue to make positive contributions to the world. The book is a collection of biographies of present day and historical figures.

Growing Into My Skin

Now I thank God that I am mixed race, although for many years I resented the fact that I was different because it brought trouble to my door. I remember being on a bus one day when I was about 13 and suddenly noticing that my hand was brown. Everyone else on the bus was …

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2001 : A Race Odyssey

2001 will herald a new age. The change may not be noticed by most people, but for the growing number of mixed race Britons the next census will give them their first opportunity for official recognition. For a group which has been consistently ignored and marginalised throughout history this is a milestone. For all of …

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Fragmented Identities Among Post-Colonial Fijians

Lucy de Bruce is from the Kailoma community of Fiji. Kailomas are the descendants of indigenous Fijians and European settlers who became the first ‘blended people’ of the Fiji Islands during the early nineteenth century. They are also known as Vasu. Over the years the category has grown to include other blood mixtures, although the …

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Time to Choose The Right Box

It is almost time to decide whether we like the idea that mixed race is another race or whether we want to dispute the insertion of a mixed race category on the census form. I think we have probably all run through the arguments about the 'other' category on equal opportunities monitoring forms. Let's face …

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My Journey ‘Home’

'I stand alone in the evening shadows atop a hill overlooking downtown Amman. From this vantage point I see a skyline pitted with the green neon light of mosques whilst from the busy streets below rise the sounds of an Arab city on the move. Then I sense a lull in this stream of sounds …

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The Colour of My Skin

I'm not black and I'm not white, I'm my own colour and that's alright.