María Arreaza-Coyle

Transcending The Race Issue

Many years ago, after proudly telling a Caucasian friend of mine, that like most Hispanics from northern South America, and the Caribbean area, I had black ancestors, he made a defining and unequivocal statement: “So, you are black”. And I, a bit disconcerted, went on to say, “Yes.”

Leaving Cultural Differences Behind

A youth project worker from Banbury firmly believes that the future of Britain’s mixed-race youngsters looks prosperous – as long as the pertinent support network is in place.

Zoe Welsh

From There to Here…

I’ve thought many times over the last eight months about whether I would or could commit to paper the next chapter of the story of my journey to find the other half of me. I’ve pondered how and where to start, where it might take me and where it might ultimately end. I even thought …

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Am I Black?

It was a journey that I think I always knew I would make. A journey that in the end, I knew I would have to make, to a destination I feared I might never reach. You see for me, this was more than a journey. This was a search to find the answer to a …

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All of Me by Robert Worrall

It’s not what I felt that drove me forward But what I wanted to feel It’s not what I knew But what I wanted to know

Rob Worrall riding a bike

Finding Father?

‘It could almost be surreal, if it wasn’t true. Here I am sitting on a beach in the North East of England, a divorcing 35 year old father of two, with my children playing in the sea, contemplating a trip to Africa’s most populous State to meet my birth father for the first time. In …

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Raiding the Gene Pool

Book Review : Raiding the Gene Pool

I can't review this book without telling you that I've been excited about it since it was a mere twinkle in Jill Olumide's eye. It's only fair to declare my interest right from the start.