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Mixed Race Couples and Families

'People in Harmony (PIH) was established in 1972 as a support group for families at a time  when the disadvantages of racial mixing were emphasised in the wider society'.                                                          

The Growth of the ‘Mixed Race’ Population

Will mixed race be the largest minority group by 2020? Not according to reliable data and projection figures…. "The Growth of the 'Mixed Race' Population" Peter Aspinall, Reader in Population Health, University of Kent. Published by People Harmony, 2010                                                                   

PIH Joint Statement: Mixed Race Organisations in the UK 2008 Report

Following on from discussions at our AGM 2008 where it was decided that we would invite mixed race groups to collaborate with us and produce a Joint Statement setting out objectives to provide a stronger and more representative voice for members, a meeting with the Children's Commission was arranged for 31st March 2009.

María Arreaza-Coyle

Transcending The Race Issue

Many years ago, after proudly telling a Caucasian friend of mine, that like most Hispanics from northern South America, and the Caribbean area, I had black ancestors, he made a defining and unequivocal statement: “So, you are black”. And I, a bit disconcerted, went on to say, “Yes.”

Challenging the Concept of Race

  I have noticed that few people mention their great-grandparents birthplace when introducing themselves. Personally, I have found it the quickest way to satisfy other people's curiosity. At different times in my life I have reacted to this curiosity with feelings of insecurity, embarrassment, indignation or amusement. I think this variety of feelings came from …

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