The ethnic options of ‘Mixed Race’ people in Britain

Aspinall Peter (et al) 2008 The ethnic options of 'mixed race' people in Britain: Full Research Report The UK population is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, religion and national identity, with the growing number of inter-ethnic unions contributing significantly to this.  There has been a parallel development of interest in the notion …

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Disproportionality in Child Welfare

The Prevalence of Black and Minority Ethnic Children within the 'Looked After' and 'Children in Need' Populations and on Child Protection Registers in England. Charlie Owen and June Statham

Transracial Adoption: What’s The Problem?

‘The insistence on a policy by social workers of same race placements has meant that black and mixed race children wait longer for families and race is treated as the overriding aspect and the major matching consideration’

PIH Newsletter Spring 2012

"….. information such as ethnicity, sex and age took precedence over any other sources of information when foster placements and children were matched"….. What information is needed to match children and families? Read 'Mixed Heritage and Proud' by Sarah Bennett in People in Harmony Newsletter Spring 2012….

The Growth of the ‘Mixed Race’ Population

Will mixed race be the largest minority group by 2020? Not according to reliable data and projection figures…. "The Growth of the 'Mixed Race' Population" Peter Aspinall, Reader in Population Health, University of Kent. Published by People Harmony, 2010                                                                   

PIH ‘Mixed Race & The Arts’ 2010 Conference

Mixed Race & The Arts Saturday 17th JULY 2010, 2pm-5pm Ealing Friends Meetings House, 17 Woodville Road, Ealing (map) The theme for the People in Harmony Annual Conference 2010  – ‘Mixed Race & The Arts’ – gave a celebration and exploration of life by mixed race people through various artistic media. The programme showcased mixed …

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The Hafu Project

The Hafu Project We would like to invite you to The Hafu Project's first exhibition in Japan!   The Hafu Project is a visual and sociological study & representation of the so-called “hafu”s. The work provides an unfolding journey of discovery into the intricacies of what it is to be a hafu in modern day …

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