Moving Voices – Black Performance Poetry

In this book twelve poets have been interviewed about their childhood and school experiences, how they became poets and who influenced them, how they write and where they have performed, their favourite poets and poems, what they write about and their advice to budding poets.  

Tomorrow’s Children

This book is a guide to raising multiracial children with a positive attitude towards their identity. It stresses the importance of embracing and understanding all aspects of a child’s heritage and is aimed at parents. Francis Wardle draws on his considerable experience positively towards every aspect of their descent and not to identify exclusively with …

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Booklet : Transracial Adoption – What’s The Problem?

Marie Macey has written out of concern that so – called 'transracial adoption', which has been counterpoised with policies which insist on 'same race' placement in fostering and adoption, has become an ideological battlefield, rather than a topic that is discussed in relation to experience and to investigation of the evidence. Macey challenges the social …

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Dyslexia from a Cultural Perspective

Dyslexia is a critical issue worldwide. There is widespread ignorance about it and the consequences can be devastating. Recently there have been studies of the impact of different languages on dyslexics, but nothing which looks at the black experience of dyslexia.  

Caste in Half

DVD: Caste in Half

CASTE IN HALF explores the effects of denial mainly relating to the offspring of mixed cultures. David opens his story on mix race and denial, Geraldine closes her story on mixed race and being abandoned. Lionel and June both talk about mix race and the colour concept, one visually and one symbolically. Sybil confirms that …

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